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Eurovision 2014

That time of the year has been and gone again and now won’t be back until 2015 where it will be hosted in Austria.

This year I ma aged to watch the broadcasts of the semis and the final, and anyone who has me on face book will have noticed my Terry  Wogan style commentary on the acts in my status messages. Some great acts and some bloody awful ones (like twin twin from France, even my French relatives hated them). It still really upsets me that the voting is still very much political in some instances and it’s upsetting that some backward and bigoted nations were calling for Eurovision to be cancelled because of one of the entries. Eurovision should only ever be about the music, yea like fuck had that will happen any time soon.

I loved the Russian entry it was a beautiful and moving song, it was just at the wrong time and in the wrong place, a song of peace sung against the political backdrop of Putin being a complete moron. So sad that the girls who sung got booed by the audience, and booed again when they got votes. They really didn’t deserve that, it’s not their fault Putin is a prat. On the other side of the coin, Russia,  Belarus and a few other nations had no right to call for Eurovision to be cancelled or boycotted or censored because Conchita Wurst was performing. Eurovision is supposed to be about the music you prats.

I’m really glad Conchita won, Rise Like A Phoenix, is a beautiful song. I would paste the song lyrics here but I can’t copy paste properly on this Kindle. I won’t be surprised if the song becomes a LGBT anthem, especially amongst the the trans* community. People like Conchita Wurst are an inspiration, to often society chokes and conceals people like this because they go against the norm. We need more people to be an inspiration to others but it’s difficult when you are fighting every step of the way. Well shit I got a lot of hassle and ridicule from my parents for calling up and voting for Austria, and had to deal with all the derogatory comments they made. I hate their double standards. It’s not okay for the likes of Putin to slang off Conchita but perfectly fine for them to call her ‘it’ ‘unnatural’ and ‘abomination’. It’s sickening, makes me sick to the stomach, makes me wonder how they will react to me when I come out eventually. Just hope that one day I will have the courage to do that, and not give a rodent’s rectum about what they think of me anymore.

Okay well I’m going vastly off topic now, so I will stop typing before I ramble off even further from Eurovision. I hope one day we can live in a harmonious world where people are not judged by their gender and sexuality, I doubt I will see that in my lifetime though, doesn’t mean I can’t hope.




Well this blog post is rather late, but better late than never. Before I go into my post this is the event I was at, or rather this is the website for the two events these wonderful people run

So back on the 22st of April I was involved in the festival. Nothing quite like hauling your butt across London to get to Balham for I can’t remember what time in the morning to set up. Thankfully the tube was behaving itself for once (at least on the lines I needed to use) which made a welcome change. So most of The set up I barely recall due to a marked lack of caffeine in my system. I can’t actually function without a coffee in the morning, I’ve got a caffeine addiction, though it’s not as bad as it used to be. I remember hauling tables and hanging up signs. Both my fiance and I were given “Gofer” t-shirts, guess what we were doing “Go fer this, Go fer that”. Gets me free entry and keeps me on my toes so I’m not going to complain about that. The stall we were sort of looking after when we weren’t running around was a little stall selling items that the organizers and gofers made for the event I had a few hand painted boxes and hand made catnip toys. The catnip toys were made from some left over cotton drill, polyester fluff,  a pair of well worn, well loved bolt blu jeans and the joke birthday present I got from a  friend one year – a massive bag of catnip. I think the gift was more for my cat than me but hey, who cares my cat liked the prototype toy. Given he’s a vicious little bastard at times I’m so glad the bodged up prototype is still intact. I didn’t sell a single one of my toys or boxes so I stuck a box into the raffle, I didn’t see who got it but I hope it’s gone to a good home where it will be looked after and enjoyed.

So back to setting up and stuff, the opening ritual despite running late went off without a hitch. Though to be fair it’s not a proper pagan festival if things don’t run late! (Thank you Loki for keeping us on our toes all day!) I’ve honestly forgotten all the stalls that were up there apart from Treadwells because my friends were running it, Liminal Threads, again because a friend runs it, Scorch’s Pyrography… all those pretty pretty dragons and there was one selling beeswax candles and other goodies, I was constantly hovering around that stall because I love the smell of beeswax, they had some awesome smelling magikal salts too, argh it’s frustrating that I can’t remember their name other than it was something with wolf in it, Lamenting Wolf or something like that.

Hmm so other than gofering what else did I get involved in, let me see… ah yes, the Drum Out, how could I possibly forget -laughs- I led it at the Samhain event last year because the leader or the Dragon Drummers had taken ill, but this time around he was back on his feet (Thank Gawd!). It’s nerve wracking taking the lead and setting the pace, enjoyable but I prefer to have the pace set and then I act as the one who maintains the beat while the others indulge in drum fuckery and deliberately try to throw me and the other drummers of, its great fun and raises so much energy in the place. Got some lovely blisters too, though they have healed up now and left me callouses instead. I need to drum more often to toughen up my hands again, being a student has made the skin soften up.

The real fun started in the evening, after the stalls had been packed away. By this point I had consumed a rather large amount of mead, mostly home brewed mead crafted by other Heathens. I was bouncy and away with the fairies, not complaining though, I had a blast and did make it home in once piece later that evening. I think the highlight of the evening for me was Inkubus Sukkubus performing. I’m a big fan of this group, they formed their band when I was just three years old so they’ve been performing for a long time. I bought their two most recent albums and got them signed so I now have all their albums and all of them are signed. Just missing the Supernature vinyl but I’m not sure if I would want it because I have no means of storing it safely! While Inkubus Sukkubus performed all the drummers came out of the wood work and we had a great time. The real icing on the cake was Inkubus Sukkubus inviting the drummers up on stage to drum with them, I had so much fun and I love that we were invited up. You would never ever see something like that happen at a big gig, only at small intimate venues like this one and hell that experience will be with me for the rest of my life. I sure hope they are invited back for the Samhain event in October.