At 11pm upon this day, 4th August, 100 years ago The United Kingdom declared war upon Germany, and so began The Great War, four and a quarter years of blood shed and massive loss of life, the beginning of a new era in European history. In Britain alone over a million men gave their lives so that we might be free, and while the First World War may have passed from living memory it’s legacy remains.

I am grateful for those men that laid down their lives so I might enjoy the freedoms I have, and it sickens me to see so many of the younger generation turn around and not give a shit about the past. However amongst the ignorant masses there is still hope, there are still some youngsters who do understand and pay their respects in their own ways to those who have gone before us. You would think we would learn from the lessons of the past, but it would seem we cannot. The Great War was supposed to be a war to end all wars, but even 100 years on we are still embroiled in combat of one sort or another, will humanity ever learn?