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So last Saturday I finally came out to my parents. I will be honest I was expecting them to rant and rave and disown me. To my surprise they are being really supportive and shit, a huge weight has benefited from my shoulders. I feel so much better about myself now that I can be ¬†myself and no longer live a double life. I don’t have to hide any more and that is certainly a liberating experience. Once I had the conversation with the parents I decided to change my name on the social media sites I use and come out there too. I have had nothing but overwhelming support from my friends and I am so glad they are all there for me, it’s great to know that while this is a very personal journey I have people who will support me on my way.

The next stage now will be to legally change my name and find a doctor who will take my seriously. Along with that I need to make sure I look after my other half too, my transition is just as big a journey for him as it is for me as he will have to take a long hard look at us both and how people see him. It’s not going to be easy for him, I just hope I don’t loose him. I love him to bits and would be lost without him.


Okay so let’s see how bad I’m doing.

1. I think I am still looking weight, I don’t know where my scales are as since I moved back in with my parents in February I am still living out of cardboard boxes. Oh I finally joined a gym…..

2. I had quit cigars completely but stress has me smoking again.

3. Still barely drinking, doing really well here.

4. Still at a grinding halt with the NHS with regards to the medical side of things, but names have been changed on some of my work paperwork. Deed Poll next but I need to sit down and talk to my parents. I am not looking forward to it.

5. Nope, still failing with my spiritual side, living out of boxes is not conducive to being in the right frame of mind to do anything spiritual. I am hoping to sort this out.

6. Still not allowed time to myself, I need me time or I am going to crack.

At 11pm upon this day, 4th August, 100 years ago The United Kingdom declared war upon Germany, and so began The Great War, four and a quarter years of blood shed and massive loss of life, the beginning of a new era in European history. In Britain alone over a million men gave their lives so that we might be free, and while the First World War may have passed from living memory it’s legacy remains.

I am grateful for those men that laid down their lives so I might enjoy the freedoms I have, and it sickens me to see so many of the younger generation turn around and not give a shit about the past. However amongst the ignorant masses there is still hope, there are still some youngsters who do understand and pay their respects in their own ways to those who have gone before us. You would think we would learn from the lessons of the past, but it would seem we cannot. The Great War was supposed to be a war to end all wars, but even 100 years on we are still embroiled in combat of one sort or another, will humanity ever learn?