Belostra was a funny one this year. Last year it clashed with the London Marathon this year it clashed with Easter, oh and it rained yet again. That didn’t really put a damper on the fest though. On the whole it was a great fest, missed out on seeing a good friend but his wife had just had another baby and there is always next time to catch up with him.

I think the festival was too short though it’s amazing how fast twelve hours fly. A thoroughly enjoyable and tiring twelve hours but I wouldn’t change a thing. Well perhaps one thing, have my other half there with me, but hey ho it’s not a perfect world.

Despite being busy running around like a blue arsed fly I found sometime to chat to one of my good friends and mentor of sorts. Told him I was transitioning and he reacted better than I thought, though to be fair I didn’t know how he would react. He said he would help me however he could and be there for me, as he had already seen one of his friends through transition and knew how hard it was on her. He also reminded me of something he said to me many years ago. “A big change is going to happen in your life, but not the sort you would expect.” Funny that, he said he’d also notice changes in my personality and such. He said I’m more bouncy and aggressive than I used to be, and that I’m not as ‘female’ as I used to be. Hell he even started going into the numerology of my chosen name which was interesting to say the least. I am glad I told him, it’s another weight off my mind, still have other people to tell and it is gradually getting easier, the hardest of all will be telling my parents. Still.Not ready for that conversation.