For those of you who follow me you might have noticed that I’ve not actually written anything here in a very long time, and trust me there is good reason for that. I have had a pretty shitty year to put it bluntly many things happened and I’ve been dealing with the fallout/side affects what ever you want to call them.

It all started going pear shaped for me back in March of this year. My former manager (yes they finally sacked the bastard) groped me. Now most people would get pissed off, file a complaint and carry on. Not the case with me unfortunately. See when I was 15 I was almost raped by my then boyfriend, never reported it, too ashamed to tell anyone, didn’t think anyone would believe me so I kept the trauma bottled up and pushed to the back of my mind. The incident at work triggered the suppressed memories and took my mind back to the sate of the frightened 15 year old I was back then. Naturally I reported the incident, but the arsehole denied everything, even though it was caught on the shop’s CCTV. An investigation was done and because the CCTV was not clear enough he was allowed back to work, mediation failed and the bastard continued to harass me. Now I love my job and I’ve been there a good five years or so now, this bastard made me despise my job, it would be a challenge to force myself into work every day. I live a five minute walk from my place of work, it would take me an hour to force myself to walk from my front door to work. When I came home at night I would be a nervous and emotional wreck . It got to the point where I tried to self harm again, thankfully I was sent to a counselor and was helped out a great deal. My partner being the loving and caring chap he is used to pop into work to keep an eye on me when he wasn’t working, just to make sure I was okay while at work. The ex manager decided to try and ban him from the store…didn’t work though thankfully. More mediation meetings happened ground rules were laid down by the area manager but my manager refused to follow them, the last straw was him not paying the entire staff properly. He was sacked in October, so it only took them six months thereabouts to get rid of the bastard. It’s a burden off my back and work is far more pleasant again. So if anyone does read this, if you come across a man who goes by the name of Steve Digby and hails from Harefield, avoid the bastard.

I am on the mend and getting over the situation, hopefully you will see me writing more in the future.