The following four questions were posed to a group of us on a forum. The idea here stemmed from the original poster in the forum reading a book called The Faery Teachings by Orion Foxwood and an episode of Babylon 5 where Dalen is interrogated. Where each time she is asked who she is, she begins with the simple answer “I am Dalen.” and each time she she punished for giving the “wrong” answer. We were challenged to answer these questions without using “I am…” or “I don’t know” answers.

Over a year has passed since I originally posted  my replies. A year on are my answers still the same or have they changed as I have changed? Time to answer the questions again.

1: Who am I?

At my core I am a sentient being that is  constructed of a number of parts which on their own posses a lesser value than the assembled whole, that describes the what, but how to describe the who.  I am a constantly fluctuating and evolving being in an ever changing world, the who is not a constant, so who I am at this moment is different to who I was yesterday or who I will be tomorrow.

2: What is it (God, creator, force, ect)?

To me all deities, regardless of what name you know them by are all facets of the same divine energy. My concept of where divinity came from starts with the coming together of the fires of Muspellheim and the ice of Niflheim in Ginnungagap, the primordial void. From the melt waters came Ymir, the frost giant and Buri the first god. From Ymir’s form came the first frost giants, from Buri, the gods.

So yes I hold the Norse creation myth close to my heart, to me it makes sense, and I realise that to others it will not make sense, to be fair the beliefs of others baffle me at times, but I have my beliefs and they have theirs. Why can’t we all accept the differences and get along?

I also have a scientific mind and to me it is fine for science and my beliefs to walk hand in hand. I follow the Norse pantheon, though I most certainly revere Loki the most, he is the one I go two when I have problems. Loki is a shape shifting deity, and that strikes a chord in my heart and I can relate to that. I am transitioning from one gender to the other. However holding Loki closest to my heart doesn’t mean that I do not recognize and respect other deities. At the end of the day I see all gods and goddesses as individual facets of the gleaming gem that is divinity.

3: Why am I here/Why do I exist?

I live to learn. I am a book magnet, I love books, I love reading, I love learning. I exist because this is the vessel my soul decided to inhabit for the duration of this lifetime. I am here to expand my knowledge, to live a full life and do my bit to make this world a better place even if it’s something small. This body my soul inhabits is unfortunately a mismatch to the identity of my soul, but there are things that can be done to easy the dysphoria. I am here because of the act that brings all new life forth into the world. Without that none of us would be here.

4: What happens when we die?

I still don’t know, I don’t dwell to much on thoughts of life after death these days, I have been in situations where my realisation of my own mortallity hurts, and I realise just how very fragile life is. I’m spending more time on living life than thinking on what lies beyond the embrace of death.  Whatever will be, will be, though I am pretty damned sure that my body will be reduced down to it’s constituent chemicals over time.