This is a bit of a preemptive answer, more so than a question. It’s a question many likely consider and think about, but aren’t sure if they should even ask.

The question basically boils down to asking if you’re stereotypically one gender enough to be trans.

For example, “Are you sure you’re male? You don’t act super excessively like a ridiculously stereotypical male.” kind of situation.

This occurs both from outside sources (cis-peoples who view it as black and white, and if you’re going to be a different gender, in their mind, you have to be a “pure” specimen of that gender), and from internal sources as well (I’m quite certain I’m not alone in wondering from time to time if I’m really as feminine in mindset as I think I am).

The thing I’ve personally come to a conclusion on, however, can actually be stolen from a mangled Babylon 5 quote of all things, as it sums up the concept better than I myself can.

“How pure were they? There’s no such thing as pure. Too tall, too short, too dark, too light. All are impure.”

The quote’s not quite accurate, as I had issues finding it, but the point still stands.

For a long time I wondered about myself, as some of the things I liked were moderately feminine, such as manicuring my nails, I look after every part of myself and making sure my nails don’t chip and split is part if that. I also put a great deal into maintaining my hair as it’s taken me so long to grow it to it’s current length.  Did that somehow make me “not male enough” to ‘really’ be transgendered?

It’s a strange thing to think back on it now, but I’d suddenly kind of came to a bit of a revelation at some point, a few years ago. There were men out there (and women, though this applies less to my personal situation) who don’t fit perfectly into what’s considered to be “normal” for their gender, and yet, they aren’t accused of being liars.

Yes, there are those who think that everyone should follow stereotypical roles, but the point of the matter is… if some random person were to walk up to me and tell me that I’m “not masculine enough” to be male, or that I’m not allowed to do anything even remotely considered feminine, at all, ever, then I’d have to ask them if their lofty standards would apply to their mother, their wife, or other cis-people they know or are related to.

Is anyone truly “pure” enough?

After having dwelled on such for a long enough time now, I think I can safely state that it’s not that simple. We’re each individuals, each with our own quirks and variations, differences and so on. We’re not just two carbon copies, where every single man and woman is identical to every other, with no variation of any kind in between.

To that end, I would state that, if you are pondering this question, and wondering if you’re somehow “pure enough”, and if this is being used as some qualifier to tell if you’re “really” trans, or just making it up or something, then the question itself is unanswerable, as there is no such thing as “pure enough”.

You are who you are. You aren’t a cardboard cut out, and the idea of being held to unrealistic expectations of “purity of gender”, is absurd.