Recently I had to put my cat down, the poor chap had terminal cancer and it was the kindest thing to do for him. I couldn’t let him suffer. Anyone who has owned a pet and have had to put them down to end the suffering will understand what I mean and what I’m feeling. What I don’t understand is how other people can be so callous about the death of a pet.

For me my cat was more than just a pet, I raised him from a kitten and he was a constant companion, offering more to me in dark times than my family ever did. My cat knew when I was upset or needed company, something my family either never saw or turned a blind eye to. It was as if my cat was the only member of the family that actually cared about what was happening. There was an unquestioning companionship there, I didn’t need to ask for a cuddle or such from the cat, he would settle himself on my lap, stomach or occasionally my head if I was curled up in bed and he would  just purr and purr, occasionally sticking his claws into me to make sure I was still awake but that wasn’t an issue. He just knew when I needed a shoulder to cry on so to speak and there were many nights were the cat’s fur was sodden with my tears because I had no one else to turn to.

So why is it that my family can’t understand how much this cat meant to me, especially the callous bitch that is my sister. She turned round and said to me “Get over it, he’s just a cat.” That’s bloody rich coming from her, considering she was in a similar state when her cat died many years ago. My cat was sixteen when he passed on, that’s a good age and that’s over half my life time. The crazy old fur ball was a huge part of my life for such a long time, it’s no easy matter letting go of a part of your heart. Nice big hole there now that the cat’s gone, and it’s probably going to be there a while. What’s more heart breaking, he passed away Friday afternoon , by Monday morning there was not a single trace of his existence in the house, it was as if he had never been, not even the remains of a chewed up toy or strands of his fur on the carpet. The isn’t even in the ground yet and it’s like he was never there, it’s so hurtful.

Rest in peace Tom Cat, you crazy crazy fur ball. I’m going to miss you but at least now you are now in a better place free from pain.