I got my exam timetable today, okay so I already knew when the exams are happening but it’s really starting to hit home now, I have just over two weeks before study leave begins, and three weeks before the first of my exams. What’s worrying me even more is with just two teaching weeks left, we haven’t finished learning the physics syllabus. In the words of Timon and Pumba from The Lion King “Now is a perfect time to panic!” I know I shouldn’t panic but I tell you what the stress is really building up, especially after getting back my absolutely appalling mock results… nothing above a C. Even so a C isn’t bad given the circumstances, just getting back from an anime convention and a friend passing away. My worst result was an E on unit 4.. the one where the c1 and c2 maths creeps in and all that complicated mind bending jargon and equations that deal with gravitational, electrical and magnetic fields. I thought quantum was a head fuck, I can actually complete the quantum questions, fields, hell no they confuse me so much. Well revise, revise and revise as much as I can and hope the fields concepts finally click in place in my memory before the exam rolls around. Wish me luck.