As you, my anonymous readers know I had a great time at KitaCon 4. Though once again, as with every KitaCon I have attended after having a great time something shit happens in my life. Last year it was the council turning around and telling me that my fiance and I earn too much money to be eligible for help with our rent,  and to top it off they wanted us to pay them back £3000… yes we are still paying it back even though it means we don’t eat some days.

This time I had mock examinations, but I knew about that. What made it really crushing was I lost a good friend of mine. She passed away quietly in her sleep on the Thursday evening following the end of KitaCon. She had been ill for about two months, her liver had failed, had been restarted and we had all been hoping and praying that she would recover. There were signs that she was healing but then she would slip back again and get worse. I’m glad she went in peace and I’m glad that she’s no longer suffering. My heart goes out to the husband and family she left behind and to her friends. She was a kind woman, motherly at times and had a wicked sense of humor. Also one of the few people who liked me for who and what I am. I’m going to miss her so much, we, who knew her, are all going to miss her so very much.