Someone posted up this poem on a forum I belong to, I thought I would share it with you all.

The Sundered Kin

We walked together all unknowing
Beneath the lights burning cold
Sky was lost the night was stolen
We sought our way to the sundered kin

One found his way beneath the hammer,
Found himself on the path of Thor
He learned to laugh to craft and battle
He’s not among the lost no more

One found her way to the honey goddess
Learned of magic and of love
Freya taught her fire’s passion
She won’t be out in the cold no more

We were walking those remaining
On the streets so dark and grey
There were so many strangers shouting
To stop our search for the sundered kin

One found the one armed warrior
Found the iron law of Tyr
Found what it means to live your honour
He can be lead astray no more

One found herself before the hearth fire
Found Mother Frigga waiting there
Taught her patience, craft and wisdom
Her children will be lost no more

We met again beside the fire
Strong and proud we told our tales
Followed paths across the nine-worlds
And forged again our sundered kin

The high one laughs and soars above us
Eight hooves pounding on the wind
His folk are gathered all together
Never will be sundered again

John T Mainer