But the real exams are still to come.

Wow I don’t think my brain has been this fried for a very very long time. Well Four hours worth of mathematics exams will do that to your brain. Funny thing is I fell asleep in one of them See I’m doing my actual Stats 1 module on Jan 17th (wish me luck) but I had to do both the AS mock (the group taking the paper in June) and the A1 mock (people sitting the paper on Jan 17th) I’ve completed the S1 syllabus but anyway I ended up sitting both papers, A1 in the morning AS in the afternoon, the A1 is harder it covered the whole syllabus, the AS one only two chapters so I completed the second paper which is supposed to be 90mins long in about 45 minutes and then fell asleep. I’ve not done that in an exam since Key Stage 3 -laughs- Hopefully it’s not a bad sign. Though I’m pretty sure one of my idiot classmates was trying to copy my paper while I was answering the questions. The class mate in questions averages a U in class, if you get a grade that bad, after a whole term then why the hell are you still taking the course? Though, as a sadistic as it sounds, I kinds like not feeling like the idiot in the class for a change.

So maths Stats 1 on Jan 17th and Physics module 1 on Jan 12, I am not going to have any fingernails left by the time they roll around.