This is a rant post, so I apologize in advance. It’s something that I need to get out of my system. So what started this whole rant off?

Actually it’s something rather mundane that got me ranting. See I live in a flat share it’s me, my fiance, an awesome and kind woman from Transylvania and then the bitch from hell (who’s from Slovakia if you were wandering) and unofficially staying with us is the bitch’s boyfriend. He’s not on the tenancy agreement and thus, should not be living at the property. So when you are living in shared accommodation the proper thing to do is to divide up the bills equally yes? So in this instance, five people use the utilities, thus the bill should be split five ways. Well the bitch decided that because her man isn’t on the tenancy agreement he doesn’t have to pay the bills. So according to her the bill is split into quarters and her man doesn’t pay a thing. How is that right or even fair, turns out the bitch has been rounding the numbers up for the bills and pocketing the change. Why do people have to be so dishonest. I’m pissed off that today is a Sunday otherwise I would have marched straight into the estate agents to complain and figure out if there is anything we (the other housemates) can do about the bitch and her boyfriend.

Why do people have to abuse the trust they are given? Why can people not just be honest to themselves and to each other. I got a ‘nice’ not stuck on my door after I left for work calling me a fat, rude, selfish bitch and that I should be thanking the bitchy woman for paying our bills in on time.  Yes, I have said thank you to her for paying our bills, but why should I say thank you to her for pocketing our change? What ever happened to holding honesty close to the heart, as a virtue that a person should value and hold dear to? I look at the world around at times and I weep, ‘old values’ that were once a code to live by now mean nothing. What has happened to this world and what will become of it in the years to come. Doesn’t really bare thinking about.