I got involved in a disscussion about how transfolk are veiwed by other people within their community and by society at large and there was one woman there who shocked me and really hurt a few of us transfolk who are there. This woman is also one of the LGBT officers for her college which really sickens me. The words she said over the course of the disucission are here in italic text, at least the words that hurt me and my companions the most.

I hate transgendered people and transsexuals. They’re usually pretty crazy. I’ve met at least 10 TG people in my life, and all of them have other mental disorders in addition to gender dysphoria. Beyond that, I think that everyone should love themselves for the way they were born, the way they are meant to be. Trans surgery is just genital mutilation to me.

When we questioned why she thought all transfolk had some form of mental illness she said this

They ARE mentally ill. Gender Dysphoria is a real diagnosis that transpeople are given. They’re required to go through therapy in order to receive reassignment surgery.

I understand that the goal of therapy and treatments are to make the patients more comfortable, but in this case I feel that the treatment should be to tackle the problem of wanting to be a different sex rather than making the person that sex.

Beyond that, you learn in abnormal psychology classes that most people who have one disorder also are prone to having other disorders, such as depression or bipolar disorders

One of the transfolk came up with this response

Gender as defined in the mind is inherent and immutable. This is a medically proven and accepted fact. Attempting to “tackle the problem of wanted to be a different sex” is the equivalent of lobotomy and is unethical on the highest of levels

Gender Identity Disorder in and of itself is quite unlike disorders usually referred to such as bipolar or schizophrenia; what I didn’t like was the insinuation that they were crazy, which crops up in almost every TG discussion.

Your feelings on “they should make them feel right with their bodies” are held by many people, including psychologists, psychiatrists, and general therapists. They try that first. When it fails, they try gender reassignment surgery and hormone therapy, which, unsurprisingly, has a vastly higher success rate. You said yourself that they have to go through treatment prior to surgery, which means you know this.

What you are essentially saying is “they should get therapy. It doesn’t work? Well too fucking bad, anything more and it’s genital mutilation!

I admit I was deeply hurt by what this woman was saying and stayed out of the discussion for the most part, it didn’t stop me making a note of the other hurtful things that were said. I know at somepoint someone mentioned noses but I can’t remember what exactly. I’ll continue to post the comments and replies transfolk made in bolded text

I work on a college campus in an LGBT office, and we have a very high TG rate, which at times feels like people are just trending on eachother. I have spoken to each of them, and have witnessed some of them have outbursts of unusual hostility/anger, as well as unusual crying/bawling in reaction to comments unrelated to their gender identity or personality.

For me, I could never date someone who would get reassignment surgery. MtF transsexuals have to use a dildo-like object a few times a day in order to keep their new vagina from closing up and healing itself. It’s not something that they do just after surgery, it’s a lifetime treatment. That to me screams of mutilation.

It’s not comparable to someone who was born without a nose. A nose has a specific function that is necessary. It moistens and removes fibers from the air before it reaches the lungs. It is a protective organ that someone was born without. Transpeople are not born lacking genitalia. They are not born without something that is necessary for function, such as urination. They’re changing what they already have, like plastic surgery. I don’t consider a surgically constructed vagina to be the same as a natural born one. While surgens can do wonders to make it look similar, it does not perform the same functions of a natural born one. Transpeople who are born a women and transition to being a male via taking T will still have a vagina. The only difference there is that they have a larger clitoris

Right, the same way a cochlear implant doesn’t make an ear, lab-grown skin grafts aren’t skin, and surgically constructed noses aren’t noses.A robotic arm is an arm, right? God, I hope you don’t use that tone when you’re talking to amputees. “Hey nice arm. Too bad it can’t quite grasp with the same finesse as my fancy natural-born one, huh?”As for function- functionality does not make or break a vagina’s validness as a vagina. Plenty of women with vaginas that they were born with are incapable of lubrication, penetration, self-cleaning, or natural disease control. This doesn’t mean they magically aren’t vaginas. Yeah, if they keep their vaginas they’ll still have vaginas. If they have genital reconstruction surgery, they will no longer have vaginas, and they will then have penises depending on what kind they get. Some prefer to call it a “neo-phallus”, but you can be damn sure no doctor will look at it and say “Yep, that right there is a vagina!”

An implant is an implant. A graft is a graft. A construction is a construction. And, a robotic limb is robotic. They are likenesses of the real thing, but not the real thing. Many FtM transpeople don’t get bottom surgery, from what I have read and been told. Most just take hormones. If they do get surgery, sure, it’ll look like a penis, but it won’t ejaculate like one.

My response to that comment was that I would rather something that at least resembled a penis instead of a hole that bleeds for 5 to 7 days out of every month. That I would rather that than have the constant reminder that the gender I identify with and the sex of the body I was born into do not match. Lacking semen ejaculation does not invalidate a penis of being a penis.

She left the conversation after that but I am still stunned and appalled that this woman is supposed to be there as a go to person, to offer help and advice to transfolk like myself. For someone who is supposed to be an LGBT officer for her college she is spreading so much hurtful misinformation. It would seem that her sterotype that “All transfolk are crazy” affects her preception of us as a whole. That her belief that all people are “born the way they are meant to be” and that she frowns down upon the very procedures which have saved the lives of the very people she is supposed to be helping in her job, not to mention she calls those procedures mutilation; and she has a distinct lack of factual credibility where matters such as Genital Reassignment Surgery are concerned. I am glad that I don’t have to rely on her for help and advice but I feel bad for those people that do, I dread to think what she has been telling them.