Where to start on this one. Perhaps I will start with one thing that pisses me off about doctors where a person’s weight is concerned. Why do many still swear by the BMI charts which don’t take into account bone density and bone structure it simply takes into account height and weight. Is that not a little biased against people who do have large or dense bone structures? Why is it when ever a doctor tells you you need to loose weight they do not offer you advice on how? At least that is my experience. Recently I was told by my doctor to loose weight or die, well perhaps not so bluntly but you get the idea. Why so blunt? The doctors have access to my medical records so they would see that I have a problem keeping weight off and have done for many years. I know I’m a fat lump of a person but instead of stating the obvious why not give me advice and try and help me loose weight and keep the weight off surely that is more helpful than being blunt and borderline rude.

Stupid people  still won’t send me for tests to rule out the possibility of a thyroid problem given that thyroid problems are prevalent in both sides of my family. It seems like the vast majority of GPs now just don’t care about their patients, just that they have a big fat paycheck at the end of the day. At least that is the way it seems to me. Well about two weeks ago now I started off on a diet plan of my own, without any help from the GPs, only because they won’t help me nor offer me advice. We shall see how things go. I started off at 117.8kg and I’m aiming to get my sorry arse down to about the 65kg mark. Wish me luck, it’s not going to be easy.

Well The did finally refer me to investigate the possibility of inheriting lymphoedema, we shall see how that goes.